Saturday, November 9, 2013

Snail Mail Received November 1

 We love Sister Harris' envelopes.  She is our favorite envelope decorator.
The "hanger type things" in the apartment are for hanging clothes.  We fortunately, do have a washing machine in our apartment, but it is unfortunately true that they don't have dryers in Japan.  It's a tragedy, but we make it from week to week somehow. :-)

It was interesting going to Kobe for Trainer Training Meeting.  Mostly it was just really loooong though.  We had to be at the eki (The trainstation) by about 7 for a train ride around 1.5 hours, and then a 20-30 minute bus ride.  We got there almost right at 9:30, when it started.

I tried to do the day by day schedule of the week again for you, but I ran out of time at the end and didn't get to finish.  I didn't even get to tell you how I"m secretly a Brazillian.

We went with the Elder's to "Marianne's" house for her boyfriend, "Wayne's" birthday party.  Obviously, since they were Brazilians, all of their friends there were Brazilians, too.  And they asked if I was Brazilian!  They said that any Brazilians who saw me around her would for sure think I was Brazilian.  It really does make my day when people think I'm some other ethnicity.  I'm a mystery. :-)

The apartment is nice and we've been trying to do a better job of keeping it clean lately.  Thankfully, our toilet, is a simple one that just has a handle to flush.  Toilets here are all over the place, from a "squatter" hole in the ground to crazy toilets with 50 billion flashing buttons and stuff.  Sometimes, I can't figure out how to flush them, try every button I can think of, still fail, and just leave, hoping that no one sees me leave.  It's a really horrible thing! haha!

What I eat is usually the same.  Breakfast:  Any combo of eggs (boiled or over easy), an apple, toast , oatmeal.  Lunch or Dinner: Spaghetti, salad, salmon, or a mini toastable pizza, that's not too bad for you.  It's small.  I usually have a big salad of cabbage, spinach, and carrots whenever I eat.  If you have any really easy recipes, that aren't time consuming or require a lot of ingredients, send them my way please.

Feed the meissionaries well!  I know you will!  As a missionary now, I realize that coming home after a long (possibly stressful) day and having to cook for yourself stinks.  Plus, missionaries really appreciate it when you give them leftovers to take home.  But I guess you've already fed them, so that' just for future reference.  How did the dinner with the missionaries go?

I love my family!  Keep being awesome! 

Sister Whitney

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