Friday, August 1, 2014

A Quick Update and Pictures.

Monday - Went to the Towel factory with O*** Shimai, the Elders, and D********** and his mom.

Tuesday - Did lots of housing and visited some PI`s, but no one was home.

Wednesday - Did some housing.  Took a stressful mission language assessment online that gets sent back to the MTC and totally failed.  Oh well.  It was fun.

Thursday - SKK, taught Y*** Shimai, and housed.

Friday --
District meeting in Niihama.  Learned some great Japanese in one on one time with K******* Choro.  He`s probably the best Japanese-explaining human alive! 

We got to teach T*********, which was wonderful.  The elders have been teaching her on her doorstep lately, but she`s been too busy to make appointments and unwilling to let them bring someone back with them so they could teach her in her house, so they just decided to pass her to us.  And we went and visited and she let us right in!  We taught a lesson on Jesus, and she wants to believe.  We have another lesson with her tomorrow.

Saturday - Many much housings.

Sunday - The Smart family came to church, visiting all of the areas Elder Smart served in while he was here.  It was fun talking to them.  Then we tried to visit some less actives and went housing.

Yay.  That was the week.

Sister Whitney

The Church is true!
The Book is blue!

Pictures the Smart Family took on their visit to Japan.  Thank you, Smarts!

Me on the other end of the bridge thing at the flower park.

Me and Sister Eddy on the same bridge.

The roley slide thing from the top.

More of the flower park.

Hey look, I'm in on it too!  I'm part of your world!  I know about Frozen!  I see it on waterbottles and stuff all the time!

The towel factory.

The view out from the towel factory!

Me and Moomin the hippo?  I have no idea what relation he has to the towel factory, but he's all over inside.

Giant giraffes made out of towels.

Sneaky giant swiss rolls made out of towels.

A giant burger!  It's like America!

More giant food!

This is what a place that makes towels looks like.

A strange `Moomin` exhibit inside the towel museum. I really have no idea why.  We were all confused.

A mysterious park outside with elephants.

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