Saturday, September 6, 2014

No One Has Ever Seen the Inside of This Bag? Do You Believe Us?

This email`s going to be a little bit short, since we got here late and have to go do some stuff for the incoming senior missionary couple`s apartment, so I do beg your pardon. :)

We emailed, and went to go visit a small little shrine.  Then we went to FHE at O*** Shimai`s house with the Elders and D****** san and at soba noodles!

We taught C***** a lesson, which went surprisingly well.  He has a hard time believing in God because of the lack of scientific proof.  We brought a paper bag and told him, `No one has ever seen what`s inside of this bag.` And then I looked into the bag.  `No one has ever seen the inside of this bag.`  We repeated.  `Do you believe us? C****** actually did believe us, but the Elders were a little bit more faithless.  So we showed C******, and his testimony joined ours.  The Elders would still not believe.  Finally, we showed the Elders.  They saw a peanut, and a piece of paper that read, `the inside of this peanut,` and they were stumped.  We talked about how, like this example, there are things in life that are hard to believe because they don`t seem to make sense or have much proof.  Mainly, spiritual things.  But God does give us proof!  Like prophets, who have seen Christ 
(Ether 12:41 39 And then shall ye know that I have seen Jesus, and that he hath talked with me face to face, and that he told me in plain humility, even as a man telleth another in mine own language,concerning these things; ) and other proof like prayer and the scriptures.  But in order to know if these things are true, we have to study this proof; we have to read and we have to pray.  It actually went quite well.

Also, some mysterious human dropped off 4 little kittens at the church, with a note saying that we were nice people who would take care of kittens. Two members came by, each took one, and then dropped the rest off at the pound.  But they were taken care of.  We bought cat food for them. :)

We also went to talk to E****`s friends after Hula class!  It`s great, because they have a lot of questions about missionary life and we get to help them have a better view of the church. :)

We did some service at a member`s house, visited some Less Actives and PI`s with her, and then taught Eikaiwa.  I also played some mean ping pong afterwards and put the elders to shame.  Haha.

Our one year in Japan anniversary!  Let`s never have an anniversary again.  Y**** calls just before her lesson (during which we were planning on inviting her to be baptized), saying she can never meet again; we go teach M*********** who we found last week, who says she can`t meet for a couple months, and we were sad.  We had a good lesson with H******* Shimai though!

District meeting!
It was our District Leader O******** Choro`s last district meeting before going home, so the N****** couple brought us lunch and we all ate together. Then we did finding.  

Many much finding!

Church, visiting some members, and we had a good lesson with our less active friend, M***.

And that`s all folks!

The church is true!
The book is blue!

I love you!

Sister Whitney

Us at the shrine and me in front of a giant propeller statue they have here!

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