Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Birthday Letter From Japan (Received the old fashioned way).

Sister Harris's Dad received a letter from her in the mail today.

So, this paper.  It's wonderful, desho? Hai.  I mean cream soda white bear.  Anyways. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! DADDY!  I don't know when this will actually get to you, but I'm writing it on September 2.  Well before your birthday.

I don't know that you would like Japan.  it's very crowded and very loud.  There's always a billion people everywhere, and it's like they're speaking a foreign language or something. :-)  But really.  The houses are all really cool, but packed next to each other like sardines.  There are no yards at all.

In stores, it's so loud!  There are speakers and TV screens everywhere, even in the middle of the aisles between goods chatting at you to buy them.

And it's so hard to be healthy!  Because the thing is everything is written in Japanese Kanji!  I can't even tell what type of meat I'm buying, forget whether or not it's lean or how many calories it has in it.  Let's just say that the grocery store was a really difficult and overwhelming experience today. :-)

One really great thing, though, is the gorgeous, huge, green mountains you can see from everywhere.  They're breathtaking even when they have a concrete jungle blocking the way.  I think of you everytime I see them.

Tracting/housing is hard.  It just seems so ineffective when I know that there are people here who are ready to hear the Gospel.  Grrr.  I feel like we're doing something wrong, but I just don't know what. 

Riding a bike in a skirt is hard!  Just so you know!

I hope you had a happy birthday, Daddy!  I miss you so much, but I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.  And it's so largely because of you that I know what I know and I am where I am in Omihachiman.  Thanks for teaching me to work hard and do my best, even when it's hard.  Because that's IMPORTANT!  Remember I love you more than anything. 

(Your little girl)

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  1. Loved this letter! It's great to be a missionary dad!