Thursday, September 19, 2013

Letter Received on September 19

Dear Family,

MASON:  I hear you are doing really well in school and that you are reading Where The Red Fern Grows with Dad.  I'm proud of you!  (Plus I really love that book).  Nana Rose said you were so helpful when she came, that you always got her water and answered her phone.  You sure made her feel good and loved!  You are so nice and thoughtful, Mason!  I love and miss you!

KAYLI:  Holy cow girl, you ran five miles?  You win.  The most I've ever run is 3 1/2.  When I get home, you'll probably be running marathons.  How long did it take?  How's middle school and all of your advanced classes going?  You smartie!  How's FHE and family prayer going?

STEPHEN:  Speaking of advanced classes, are yours making you hate life yet?  Haha.  But really, though.  Are people calling you a hipster now because of your glasses?  Are you becoming a hipster?  (Don't you dare!)  Are you keeping a journal?  Are you keeping a list for me of all the good movies, books and songs that come out while I'm gone?  Speaking of which, Please read The Way of Kings before I come back. O-negaishimasu.  I continue to talk about you so much that people are probably sick of it, but that's life.

DADDY:  HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! (Even though I am writing this on the 9th).  I hope it was awesome, and that you got to go for a good run and spend time with your family and eat ice cream.  If not, make it happen tomorrow.  I loved your email this morning, and it's so funny that you were the only parent that ran when that was the point of the whole thing!  Haha.  You're such a good dad.  I'm glad that Mason is doing well in school and it's really nice of you to let Kayli's cross country coach shadow you.  Really nice.  Probably, if every man were like unto my father the very foundation of hell would shake.  I think that's what the verse was supposed to say (Instead of Moroni). 

We went to go visit a shrine today and it was pretty cool.  The best thing was taking a cable car up the mountain and seeing the gorgeous views of a lake famous for being the biggest, or one of the biggest lakes in Japan, and we walked down the mountain.  It was gorgeous and you would have loved it.  I'm glad Grandpa liked my letters.  I'm sending him another one today.  I just want him to know that I love him and don't want him to be lonely.  Your world may seem the same while I"m not there, but I want to hear about it!  You make sure there's plenty of room for me in it when I get back. :-)

HEY MAMA:  I miss you!  And I miss your food!  I miss talking to you whenever I wanted.  I loved hearing from you this morning.  I'm glad that Nana Rose and everyone are doing well, and I liked reading what your cousin said about Kyoto.

You know what I'm really glad you are my mother.  Some mothers don't express their love to their children often.  Thanks for always telling me you loved me, even when I was a real brat and didn't deserve it.  Thank you for sacrificing so much and for being such a great example of love and charity.  I have never questioned that I was loved and still am, even when I'm thousands of miles away and 15 hours in the future.

Alas, P-day ends in like 30 seconds, but I love you all so much!  YOU'RE THE BEST FAMILY EVER!

Love you all!
Sister Whitney

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