Monday, January 13, 2014

Not Much Really Happened This Week. A Lot of Finding. A Lot of Finding.

Sorry, this is kind of a short email this week.  We had to take a big survey that cut out a lot of email time. My bad.

Anyways, not much really happened this week.  A lot of finding.  (A lot of finding.)  We just have to trust in the Lord`s timing, and that His work will get accomplished how and when He sees fit. 

On Tuesday we biked all the way out to Hikone to visit a former investigator.  That was an adventure!  It was my first time without Walker Shimai`s amazing sense of direction to lead the way.  Luckily, we made our way in the end, and had a lot of little miracles helping us out. While I was searching for the phone at one point, my keys (apartment, church, etc) fell out of my pocket.  And I was standing above a big sewer grate thing.  But the keys happened to land in just about the only position they could have without falling through. A lady noticed we were lost when we couldn`t find the right house.  She went inside, got her phone book, found the house for us, and even rang the doorbell for us!  The former investigator didn`t have any interest, but God was still letting us know that he`s looking out for us.  But when we went home, we went to go visit K****** who said that she was interested in meeting again and coming back to church!  She didn`t end up coming, but it looks like we might be able to start teaching her again. :)

It snowed and stuck all day this week.  It`s so cold!  Apparently, this is the way it`s going to stay until about the middle of March.  But what am I complaining about?  When I hear about Utah and Idaho right now, I feel a whole lot warmer in comparison.  :)  Probably all of you freezing out there should just be in Japan right now--that`s where it`s at!

On Thursday, we had a special taikai (big conference) with 4 zones from the mission.  It was really, really good.  We got there at 8:30 for some missionary DODGEBALL, and all of the Shimai from my district at the MTC except for Sister Tenney were there.  We missed her, but it was awesome to see them all again.  The real conference was fantastic.  It was all about relying on the Lord, something I`ve been trying to do but struggling with my whole mission.  It just seems like such an abstract concept, you know?  Just rely on the Lord!  It`s that simple! (`It`s that simple` has become my LEAST favorite sentence whilst being on my mission by the way.  Because it never is.)  But really though, what does relying on the Lord even mean? But that`s what the conference was about, and Zinke Kaicho released a new training plan on how to do that. So I intend to study that like crazy and finally figure out how!  The best part though was the promise: by the end of March, every companionship will see a baptism.  It`s going to happen. :) It gave me a lot of hope.

Anyway, we went to Hikone on Friday to taught H****** afterwards, and she brought a friend! Both of them are really interested, and her friend became a new investigator!

And that`s about it.  

The church is true.
The book is blue!
I love you all, and this is where I`m supposed to be!
Sister Whitney

Philippians 4:13
      I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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