Wednesday, January 29, 2014

`Tres Pratos De Trigo Para Tres Tigres Tristes.`

`Tres pratos de trigo para tres tigres tristes.`  Three plates of flour for three sad tigers.
It doesn`t look thaaat hard until you realize it`s Portugues and not Spanish, and saying any word in Portuguese is almost a tongue twister of itself.  And that it sounds more like `tres pratus je trigo para tres chigris trischis` with those crazy Portuguese R`s and then it`s almost impossible to say at a decent pace and not sound like a gringo. But I think I`ve got it!  Well, almost.
We were teaching the advanced students tongue twisters for Eikaiwa, and they taught us some back.  (They gave up at Peter Piper.)
One in Japanese is `Namamugi, namagome, namatamago`  Raw flour, raw sesame, raw egg.  (That one`s not that hard, in my opinion.  Unless you try to do it 7 times.  Then it gets kind of hard.)
So that`s what I`ve been saying to myself all week.  I intend to go back on Wednesday and blow those Brazilian kids` MINDS, make them wonder whether or not I`m one of them. :)  (However, the Japanese people would never be fooled.)
And that`s about the most exciting thing that happened this week.
Tuesday we had companion exchanges with the Sister training Leaders, Allred Shimai and Uryu Shimai (who actually trained Watkins Shimai, and then exchanged with her).  It was really fun!  I learned a lot of valuable things from Allred Shimai about missionary work, especially a handy little pyramid on how to determine what investigators need to be taught next.
Wednesday we had a lesson with H****** with Nakao Shimai!  We`re teaching the Plan of Salvation, and she believes Christ is her Savior, and really wants to believe everything we`re teaching her. We`re really excited about where she`s going.  :) 
We had Mission President Interviews on Thursday, and some training about teaching that I`m really excited to try out.
On Friday, we had a lesson with H******* again.    We had the wonderful Shimauchi Shimai doseki-ing for us. We`re in the middle of the restoration, so we intended to teach about prophets & dispensations, and then Jesus Christ.  Whenever we shared a scripture, she wouldn`t stop at just the one we shared, but would just keep going on reading, and then have a billion more questions. 
Saturday we taught Y**********, our new investigator from last week!  She LOVES prayer and is excited to pray every day!  We will probably extend a baptismal commitment next lesson.  The problem is, she`s really busy and doesn`t know when she can meet again.
Speaking of being busy, C****** and her family dropped us due to a new part time job and no time to meet any more.  So that was kind of discouraging.  But what do you do but keep working and look forward to the day when finally everything works out?  That`s it.
Anyway, I love you all!  Sorry, this was more of just an informative letter home than anything else.
The church is true!
The Book is blue!
Love, Sister Whitney

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