Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well, It`s Been A Real Slice, Omihachiman, But It`s Time For Me To Go.

I`m transferring.  And I`m really sad about it.  I`ve been in Omihachiman from the beginning, but I`m out.  I`ve made a lot of friends here, taught some great investigators, loved a lot of ward members.  And I`m going to miss them all.  :(
I`m transferring.  Yay!  Haha, it`ll be okay.  My new companion`s name is Derksen Shimai.  I`m excited to go to our new area and try to make a difference there!  The mission goal of every companionship seeing a baptism before 3/23 falls at the end of next transfer, so I`m excited for that too.
Nothing much to update on this week.  We taught H****** and are going to teach her again today.  We finished the Plan of Salvation with her and invited her to be baptized.  She has a really strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation and wants to be baptized.  She just has a few little concerns we have to resolve first.  First of all, she`s Buddhist, and kind of wants to still be Buddhist too.  And she wants to know more about exactly what being a Christian entails.  That`s what we`re going to address today!
Other than that, just the normal. Lots of finding time, Eikaiwa, etc.
However, we did have one really big miracle this week!  We woke up, planning on going finding on Saturday only to discover that it was snowing buckets.  Psh, who cares about snow, we went biking anyway!   We stopped at a little neighborhood that Watkins Shimai had been wanting to go to to go housing, parked our bikes in the snow, and started knocking.  The first couple houses, no one was home, but the third house this sweet grandma opened up and insisted we come inside to get warm!  She offered us coffee (`We can`t drink that`), Ocha--green tea (`Sorry, we can`t drink that either.`) and then this lemon tea stuff (`Uh....I think that`s okay....) <--it WAS okay. It was this yummy lemon herbal stuff.  She was so sweet!  We talked to her for a little while, and then taught setting the table.  It turns out that she used to be the Buddhist equivalent of a nun.  Considering that, she seems to be incredibly open!   And she wants to learn more.  When we were going through setting the table, talking about various things she could learn, she kept saying, `Oshiete kudasai!`  Teach me please! We`re meeting with her again on Wednesday.  Her name is N************, and she really is the sweetest lady.  She works with disabled people, already believes we`re all brothers and sisters, and is great.  Hopefully Watkins Shimai and her new companion, Ohata Shimai, can help her!
Well, it`s been a real slice, Omihachiman, but it`s time for me to go.
God be with you till we meet again.
The church is true.
The Book is blue.
--Sister Whitney

Sister Harris and Sister Crofts  (Friends from college and serving in the same mission)

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