Saturday, February 8, 2014

We Have A Good Week In Store For Us!

Hello, all!

It was another good week,  fairly slow but good.

We started experimenting with some streeting this week (a little difficult here in the inaka, especially when I`ve never done it before).  It was really hard and really scary at first (it`s still a little of both), but it`s gotten a lot better.  We haven`t exactly seen any success from it, but it`s probably a lot more effective than housing all day.  We invited almost everyone we met to come to church and tried hard to get people`s numbers, but  success with that might just come with time and practice as we actually get good at this. :)  Or, at least better.  I want to go to a city area one day where I HAVE to do lots of streeting and can learn to get better at it.  Maybe it will help me overcome my awkwardness.

We had a mission goal this week of having 400 investigators collectively at church, a big goal seeing as we haven`t passed 150 before.  In order to achieve this, we were all supposed to focus on inviting people to church this week.

Focusing on church, we did that in almost every streeting contact, a lot of housing contacts, and called a lot of PI`s, visited former investigators, and taught the sacrament lesson to an investigator again.  But it was just blow after blow.  A lot of `muri`s, and  LOT of SICK investigators, including two who wanted to come to church.  However, we did see a couple of miracles from the Lord!  We visited K********, whom we dropped a few weeks ago, on Friday to invite to her to church, and she actually came!  When we visited, she said that there was no way she could come.  She was too sick and didn`t have time.  But she came!  Hopefully we will be able to start teaching her again!  Also, we invited one of one of T******`s friends who came to Eikaiwa to church, and she came too!  I think she technically would have counted as a Member-brought friend, but we helped with that one!  It really was a miracle when it looked like we weren`t going to have anyone coming to church.  And as a mission, we almost did it!  396!  not quite there, but so close!  It was really a miracle.

We have a good week in store for us!  H********* is finally really, really progressing.  She started believing in God about a month ago, and it`s just been uphill from there!  She now believes in Jesus Christ.  We had taught the Sacrament meeting lesson before that time, and she still had no desire to come to church.  But we taught the Atonement to her this last week and connected it to the sacrament.  She wants the power of the Atonement in her life, and now actually wants to come to church!  (It`s not a burning desire or anything, but hey, it`s something!)  She was sick on Sunday, but hopefully she can start coming to church!  We intend on inviting her again to be a yakusokusha tomorrow!

And then there`s Y********** who just loooves prayer and wants to know about how she can be saved.  She was really sick last week, so we couldn`t meet with her, but if we can meet this week, we want to teach the chart and invite her to be baptized too.

And that`s about it.  But things are going well! 

The church is true! The book is blue!
Love, Sister Whitney

By the way, transfer calls are next Monday.  I have no idea what`s going to happen!

Philippians 4:13! 
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

 Us at the same shrine that I went to with Sister Walker long, long ago.

 Me and Sister Watkins

Oh yeah, plus that was me showing how deceptive the Christmas skirt was!  It`s huge on me! I must find a safety pin....

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