Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Savior Gave us EVERYTHING, And We Need To Give Him Everything We Have In Return.

It was a good week.  We were moving like crazy as always, and had a few good lessons.    We found a new investigator who even came to the church for her first lesson!  And she said that she read the pamphlet we`d given her.  I`ve never had anyone say that before.  She has a lot of interest though.  

Preparation day-ing, Housing and FHE at the A*****.

We taught T***** about prayer!  And she loved it and is excited to pray every day.  Then we sprinted for an hour up to N*********** where we intended to teach M*****about baptism, but we got sidetracked and discussed something else.  I guess baptism will have to wait for this week. :)

Finding and taught M******* Shimai -- a less active/ recent convert with A**** K******.

We taught S***** and did SKK.

We rode up to N**** to do some finding and go hometeaching?  (We`re not sure how, but we accidentally became the branch hometeachers) at the H********, but I forgot the phone, which had the map, so we mostly spent four hours looking for their house.  *sigh*  I just wish that weren`t so very typical of me.

Four lessons!
A new investigator one in the morning, one with N*********and S******* (who is now reading the BoM from the beginning!), and then S***** who agreed to come to church next week.

Church and some housing

I`ve been thinking about (and been a little bit frustrated about) how to make people (random people, investigators, inactives, members, all the people!) realize just how worth it this Gospel is.  It`s worth not just a prayer when you`re in trouble, or reading a verse or two from the Book of Mormon, or coming to church when it conveniences you, it`s worth giving everything you have and you are to it.

Mark 8`37 For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it; or whosoever will save his life, shall be willing to lay it down for my sake; and if he is not willing to lay it down for my sake, he shall lose it.

38 But whosoever shall be willing to lose his life for my sake, and the gospel, the same shall save it.`

The Savior gave us EVERYTHING, and we need to give Him everything we have in return.  It will still never be enough, but it is all we can do.  And we will be blessed so much more in the end for it, receive so much more than we could ever have given.  Whatever we give, it is worth it, and as Elder Holland said this general conference, the alternative is to be left desolate.

Clearly I have a lot more to learn about this.  I just want to figure out what the Lord does want from me, what I can give Him to give Him everything. Hopefully I`ll be able to help our investigators and the less actives we`re going to start to work with have this desire as well.

The Church is True.
The Book is Blue!

Love, Sister Whitney

We colored Easter eggs in Sunday school yesterday.  I drew a baby dragon and a mouse!

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