Monday, May 5, 2014

This Week, I Mostly Learned About Hope And Being Positive.

This is going to be my weekly email.  I have about 5 minutes, because today we went to a natural land bridge and one of the three most beautiful spots in Japan.  It was my DREAM to go there, but it`s so far away that it`s supposed to be impossible to get there on a preparation day.  But, because Brother A**** invited us to go with him for Golden week and one of the Elders` investigators came, we got to go! AND IT WAS WONDERFUL.  And I`ll write about it next week.

This week, I mostly learned about hope and being positive.  Because it was Golden Week, a week long series of holidays in Japan that everyone has off, we went into this week with literally no appointments, literally all day housing all day.  We weren`t excited.  However, the Lord blessed us with several opportunities to teach lessons! We taught 4 lessons this week and found two new investigators.  And we always got to teach a lesson right after I started to lose a little bit of hope.

The church is true!  The book is blue!

Love, Sister Whitney

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