Saturday, July 5, 2014

Here's A Quick Little Summary.

Sorry, I allocated my email time poorly this week, so here`s a quick little summary!

Monday - Family home evening at O*** Shimai`s.  Our investigator D****** san and his mother, who is a member  always come. We taught a lesson on loving each other.

Tuesday - We visited lots of less actives, and then had a lesson with H******* san, a really sweet investigator who is Buddhist but really wants to know if the church is true.  Also, she wants to introduce us to her boyfriend. And she`s fluent in English.

Wednesday - We visited a less active guy who was really nice.  We taught a lesson about God, gave him another Book of Mormon, and committed him to read a few verses about God.  He was very willing to let us come back.  We helped the S****** teach Children`s eikaiwa (which involves cards with animals, singing songs about walking in the jungle, and passing balls around) and met a cute less active family who came to visit the S***** from Utah. The family who came to visit the S****  have two daughters, ages around 6 and 12. They came too. They were really sweet and we enjoyed talking to them about Pokemon and candy, and how much we missed American candy!  They then showed up a few hours later at normal Eikaiwa with all of the candy they had brought with them on the plane to give to us.  We were thrilled, and they were really sweet.  We were also glad to hear that the missionaries were visiting them back in Utah too. Then we taught normal Eikaiwa later that night.  

Thursday - We had a lesson with a less active named O*** Shimai (there are millions of O***`s around here) about faith.  Then we went with a member named N****** Shimai to go share a little message with a very uninterested less active, but sometimes it`s the thought that counts.  Then she took us to a Chinese restaurant called Osho`s.  I ate Marbledorf and Gyoza, which was delicious.

Friday - District Meeting..which is like 2 hours away!  Alas.  However, there are FOUR Nihonjin in our district. (Ours is the only companion ship without one) so during J-Kaiwa (the hour where we all study Japanese together) all of us gaijin (foreigners) got one on one time with a Nihonjin!  Which was beautiful!  Aaaah, I want one so bad! We came back, did some housing, etc.

Saturday-- had a lesson with a less active at the church and talked about the temple.  Later that night we had branch family home evening!  There were pictures of all the missionaries families, so we got to introduce them, and then S****  Kyodai showed us his genealogy all the way back to Adam. We played a fun little game, and then ate curry and homemade pizza.  And D****** san and his mom came.  Which was good. :)

Sunday - church!  Sister Eddy spoke (so D****** san came to church--which is good!  Apparently this is the first time in forever that he`s come).  We also had a less active Filipina woman come who was very sweet and lives very far away, so it was a big deal that she came.  Church here is only two hours long because there`s so few people.  (There were only half as many people, but all three hours in Maizuru, so who knows. :)  There was also a random half hour at the end about properly cleaning the church.  The poor less active was just dying to get out of there, poor thing.  Then we did some finding.  

And that was the week.

And Welch Kaicho is officially our new president.  A moment of respectful silence for the Zinkes....  They done good.  They done good. And I love them! But I`m sure the Welches will be great too.

The church is true, 
The book is blue.

Sister Whitney!


Me and Sister Eddy on Thursday, June 26th, which is our one year as missionaries mark!

Just me with the 1 sign. :)

Another one of those funny train signs that is at the eki (train station) here.

This is the church.  It`s easily the nicest church I`ve ever had as a missionary.  And it`s really nice on the inside.  It`s an actual building!

There`s between 25 and 30 active members who come each week.

Also, the church used to be a video game store, that has since been converted (obviously) into a church.  The doors are automatic.  The sign in the second one says, `Matsu Jitsu Seito Iesu Kirisuto Kyoukai`, which means, `The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.`  The third picture says, `Go-jiyuu ni o hairi kudasai,` or `Please enter according to your honorific free will` or something like that.  Enter as you please. 

Inside of the church.

My bike now.  His name is Blazer.  I don`t like him.  He`s a mountain bike, which is really inconvenient for riding a bike with skirts, so either I have to wear my shorter skirts or tie them up in some crazy contorted way to keep from getting sucked into the tires/brakes and dying.

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