Sunday, June 29, 2014

Well....I Transferred. So It Was A Wee Bit Hectic This Week.

Well...I transferred.  So it was a wee bit hectic this week.

Transfer calls!  I`m transferring!  Yaaaay.  So then we went back home, I wrote some letters to procrastinate packing, eventually got onto that, and then we started dendo time.  First, we visited K******** Shimai, this older less active lady, to bring her some cookies we didn`t know if she could eat and tell her I was transferring. There`s really not a whole lot we can do for this lady.  She`s 93, can`t really walk, can`t hear, so we have to write everything out for her. It is just about the saddest thing in the world.  She comes crawling out and is just so excited to see us.  We told her I was transferring, and then she started to cry, saying. `But we only just met!  I thought we would be able to talk some more...`  I promised to write her letters and Broadhead Shimai promised to continue to visit her with her next companion.  And then we asked her if she liked cookies, to which she responded with some grateful tears in her voice, `大好きです!` Dai suki desu!  I LOVE cookies!  And I wrote that I loved her. She was quiet for a few moments and said, `Really?` And she started to cry a little more.  So basically it was just about the most heart breaking hour or so of my life.  This poor little older lady.  There are just so many sad and lonely, broken people in the world.  If you`re ever around one, just give them a little love. 

And then we went to the A*****`s for my last FHE dinner.  They bought mochi for desert, since they know mochi is my favorite.  They`re good people. :)

Tuesday...was weird.
So a member in our branch called us and said something about meeting in Nishi Maizuru by the eki and going to visit a less active.  So we bike halfway to Nishi Maizuru...and I get a flat tire.  `I have a flat TIRE` I said in a high squeaky Kid History voice, but there was unfortunately no one around to get the reference. So we walked for an hour until we got to Nishi and finally found a bicycle shop.  And then we met the branch member and waited at the train station, until the less active arrived, but then we started walking in a different direction to visit a different less active that neither of them knew.  We didn`t follow the conversation very well.  At the very least it was entertaining.  And then we went home and taught my last night of Eikaiwa in Maizuru.

We had a lesson with S***** Shimai and N************* about why it seems like prayers don`t get answered sometimes, reading a story from the Liahona together, and it seemed to work. We established that her answer to praying that her hair will grow back in her baldspot is probably no, which she accepted.  And we explained that even though the answer we receive is sometimes no, it`s still an answer.  And whatever answer we get from God, we can always trust that it`s because God loves us.  After that, we just visited a bunch of people to tell them I was transferring.

M***** took us out to eat at her friend`s restaurant with her son, S*****, which was fun.  We then went to go talk to T******* Shimai and her friend H********* for a little while, and then went to Goro Skytower (at last!) with Y***********, an Eikaiwa student, almost investigator.  Then finally, we went to teach a lesson to K*** Shimai and she made us a yummy dinner.  And best of all, she willingly listened to a message, prayed at the end, and agreed to read the chapter I gave to her.  I`m hoping Broadhead Shimai and her companion will be able to make her an investigator again soon.

I  It was exhuasting.

We got on the bus at 8:30 and got there at 11.  About 12 I left with a group of other missionaries heading to the opposite side of the mission via train, which took about 2 and a half hours and involved a lot of stressful train changing.
Around 3, I met Sister Eddy and we headed by train about an hour and a half a way.  Then from there, we took a 3 hour bus to my new area.  And then around 7 we got home, had dinner, she filled me in a little bit about investigators, and then we slept.

We didn`t actually get to do much this weekend because we had district conference on Saturday night and Sunday morning, which took us about an hour and a half each way to get there, plus the conferences themselves.  But we went to go teach a little lesson to a less active named O*** Shimai in her shop. And then we went to stake conference.  A member also named O*** Shimai drove us.

Stake conference, and then the weekly planning session, which we didn`t actually have an opportunity to do this week before then.

And that`s the week!

A couple of things about my new area.
Our apartment is far away from everything!  Which is bad, because we`re far away from everything, but good because it means that we never have to study at the church!
It also looks like a fairly city place...but there`s no one out on the streets...ever.  Mostly it`s like Miazuru in how many people are out.  Alas, it looks like I shall never learn how to street.
There`s no computer at the church, so we have to email at an internet cafe again.  Ouch, that`s a healthy chunk out  of the monthly budget. 

But, we`ll just keep swimming.

So that`s it.

The church is true!
The book is blue!
I love you!

Sister Whitney

The Pikachu socks I bought!  Because I have no self control.

Butterfly camouflage fail.  They would have been really good if they had each just moved about a foot away....

 GORO SKY TOWER! In Maizuru.

The View!

More view from Goro!

More view and us with them.

More of the surrounding Goro Area!

We went and had a lesson with former investigator, K***Shimai, who was really sad I was leaving, and so she made us dinner and her always oishii bread.  Here is a picture of said meal.  It was delicious.

The beginning of the view from the bus ride.

More View!  

More View!  Unfortunately it was a cloudy sort of day and not as beautiful as it supposedly is normally.

And that's all, folks!


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