Saturday, November 1, 2014

Good bye, Imabari! I'm transferring!

I'm transferring.  Good bye, to my beloved Imabari!


There was a typhoon.  We emailed.  We also got to teach our neighbors, the T`s.  We`ve been friends with them for a while, and they asked us if we could teach them English this week, and we said yes if we get to share a message with them.  They`re not interested in religion at all, but they are interested in English, and they`re friends with us, so they said yes.  And we`re teaching them again tonight, so that`s cool.


We went to go visit K Shimai on her island, taught O Shimai, and then had dinner with E san and her friend N san.


We visited a less active girl who said she`s interested in meeting with us, and then we taught A Kyodai.  Then I went on koukan`s (exchanges) with Crofts Shimai in Niihama!  I got to dendo in Niihama for the day, which was awesome.  Plus, I just love Crofts Shimai, so that was a party.  This day has been waiting since last February at BYU when we opened our calls together!  We went housing, and mysteriously housed into a less active man on accident and he said he`d let the Niihama Shimai visit him again, so that was pretty cool.


I was still in Niihama, went on a great run with Crofts Shimai, and taught two lessons with the two most talkative old ladies I have met on my entire mission--and I`ve met some pretty talkative old ladies.  They were talkative to the extent that they just keep talking over you, and ...  bahaha.  We did our best to share the message.  One of them was so bad that throughout the lesson, Crofts Shimai and I were both thinking, `Wow, this lady should probably be dropped,` but out of no where at the end of the lesson, she said she`s been reading 3 pages from the Book of Mormon every day and wants to come to church again.  It just goes to show you that you never know with people!  Then we switched back, and had a great lesson at the church with H Shimai.  We talked about Jesus Christ again, and she finally said she believes it!  One problem...she also believes in Buddhism, and many, table gods and mountain gods and car keys gods.  We`ve made a breakthrough!  But, we`re still working on it.


District Meeting! Then we visited people and had skk (weekly planning).


Mostly lots of finding.  Nothing too interesting.


O Shimai came to church!   And after church, remember our Nigerian friend?  He came and we watched Elder Bednar`s address from this conference about `Come and See.` He really enjoyed it and then PROMISED us (He began several times with `I promise` that he would continue meeting with us.  We tried to visit a couple of less actives who weren`t home, then did some housing and found two really solid PI`s, which was cool.

The church is true.
The book is blue.

Sister Whitney


A pink Victoria`s

Me with one of N san`s cats.

Crazy typhoon weather and what it does to the bike rack.

Us and the W`s out for sushi after ZTM last week.

Us and the zone.

Us and taiyaki fish cakes.

I made pancakes for our monthiversary!  You maybe can`t tell, but I split the batter in half, colored it with cocoa mix, and then made the kanji for Month inside of them.

Running by the ocean.

Our shoes by the ocean.  That`s right.  We`re cool.

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