Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Members are the Most Powerful Missionaries of Us All!


ONE OF THE GREATEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!  WE SAW SO MANY DEER THAT MY HEART WAS CLOSE TO BURSTING WITH JOYFULLNESS!  I sent lots of pictures, and each of those is a thousand words, so probably if I said anything else it would just be redundant.

Then we did some finding and taught a lesson to Fsan about why we need Jesus Christ.  And it was good. :)


Miracle.  We were a little bit discouraged this day because ... because.  But while we were attempting streeting, we saw the O`s from church driving by in their car, and they pulled over to talk to us for a little bit.  Later that day, O Shimai called us and asked us if we would come over and share a message with her.  We of course said that we would.  And we were excited.  O Shimai is the sweetest little lady ever.  She`s only 57, but is very very small and very very frail.  She has to use a walker in her home, and if she`s ever outside of her home (like at church) members of her family have to help her move. It`s like a slow dance with O Kyodai every time to get her from the car into the sacrament room. It`s heart breaking and precious at the same time.  Because she`s sick like this, she doesn`t really get to leave the house much, and I hear she just studies the scriptures  So she can out scripture bash anyone. She is soooo wise and if you tell her `Ai shite imasu!` (I love you), in Japanese, then she`ll say it back to you in her cute little voice in English.

Anyways.  We went over to her house, and her nurse, Isan is there.  Which is cool, and not unexpected.  Until Isan gets out her Book of Mormon.  And O Shimai tells us that she`s been teaching her since August, and  Isan says she believes in Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith.  WHOA.  Suffice it to say that she is our new investigator, and members are the most powerful missionaries of us all!

After Isan left, the O's fed us dinner and O Shimai told us about how she fasted for 9 days to get O Kyodai to like her after they got back from her missions.  She would pray every day, `Dear Heavenly Father, please bestow unto me O KYOUDAI!`  Bahaha, apparently, it worked.

And then Eikaiwa!


Lots of finding!  And then we found an older guy while streeting who`s a Christian.  He got out his bible and started reading to us (we didn`t quite understand, because Bible Japanese is HARD, especially when we can`t look at the writing to read it) and started telling us about how Maria is the true goddess.  Or something. We got to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon, and that was pretty cool.

Then we had exchanges with the STL`s in Habikino.  E Shimai came to our city to spend a day with Croft Shimai and I went to Habikino to learn wisdom from H Shimai from my doki.  It started to rain on our way home from the train station, and we were both without rain jackets or umbrellas.  And we were okay, having a good time, but a wonderful man insisted on giving us his umbrella before walking away.  Because people are good. :)


Lots of finding in Habikino!  It was a lot of fun to be with H Shimai, and she shared a LOT of deep stuff about the Atonement.  We thought about ways that I could street but still use my personality, and that was really helpful.  

When we got back and switched companionships again, we had dinner at the church (chocolate chip pancakes and ice cream) with the Elders, N Kyoudai, and P!


District meeting (we did a mogi), indo curry (delicious), weekly planning, and some finding.  Also, taught Fsan again, reviewing prayer.

Lots of finding and then volunteering at the Pan-ya!  It was cool, though.  On the way there, we met this girl on the train who believes in God and prays, and we gave her a book of Mormon!


Church!  Some finding!  Visiting PI`s!  And the like.

And we saw that the week was good. :)

Sorry, the Elders are here waiting to email, so I must go.

But, the church is true!
The book is blue!

Love, Sister Whitney

Moral of the day `Man can`t change the truth, but truth can change the man.` 

More on that next week.

The black bike I`m supposed to be riding.  I haven`t ridden him yet, because when I got here, he had a flat tire.  I can`t decide whether to call him Brigham or Boomer.  I WANT to call him Boomer, but I feel in my heart like he`s probably more of a Brigham.

This is the bike I DOOO ride.  Whoever bought him was a tiny human.  I call him Cream Soda White Bear.  Don`t ask why; it just fits.  Sometimes I just call him Bear (and sometimes Tomo-kun).

A picture of me getting my BIRTHDAY package full of delicious goods and wonderful cards that filled my soul with glee!

Me and Croft Shimai and the big BUDDHA shirts we bought.

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