Monday, October 21, 2013

Shimauma. This is My Favorite Word From This week. It means ZEBRA.

This is my favorite word from this week.
It means ZEBRA.
And it`s funny, because the verb `shimau` is to regrettably or accidentally do something, so the zebra is like a mistake animal or an animal you regret.  Maybe.  Poor zebra.  Probably those words are just unrelated

Anyways, we went to the zoo in Kyoto on Monday with the  two Young Women, the YW President, Nana and  her younger sisters.  The zoo was pretty small, but we got to see lions (raion), tigers (tora), elephants (zou), monkeys (saru), a hippo (kaba), and the like.    It was fun.

Whenever we stand up, everyone goes WHOOOA.  TAKAI!  (Tall)  Sister Walker is an inch taller than I am.

On Tuesday, we went to go visit "Helen" and she is definitely developing a stronger interest.  We taught her to pray, asked her to pray with us, and she did so without hesitating!  She had a little bit of a hard time accepting to pray again before we came back, and is still uncertain about what to pray for, but it was pretty cool still.

Our yakusokusa, "Uly" however was considerably less willing.  We taught her about prayer too, and she was very resistant.  It was hard for her to pray and she only said one sentence.  She keeps saying that she doesn't know if she even beleives in God yet, and we keep trying to tell her that prayer is the only way she CAN know!  She just doesn't seem to get it.   *sigh*  We taught her on Wednesday and on Sunday with M. Shimai as a doseki.

On Tuesday, we went to visit, "Michelle', but she was busy prepping for the typhoon and couldn't meet.  So we had a lot of time for housing in the rain.  Luckily, I think we hit every nice person in the city in one night.  Even though no one said yes, several people invited us in and talked to us for a little bit.  One lady got out this big jar of funny packaged little Japanese treats.  She not only kept feeding them to us, but gave us each a bag to take home.  It really was a tender mercy, because since we kept getting invited in, we didn't have to spend much time in the rain.

Wednesday, as well as teaching "Uly", we biked an hour and a half up to Konan to visit a PI the investigators told us about.  Her name is "Yvette" and she is from Peru, but speaks Japanese.  She didn't want to meet again, so we were kind of discouraged, but she gave us each a couple of oranges, so our journey through hills and crazy wind wasn't completely fruitless.  The elder's went back to visit her again, and found out that she's actually an inactive member, baptized twenty years ago when the church was in Konan, but hasn't been active since.  It's so sad!  She couldn't even remember the church's whole name when we went to visit her.

Thursday, we went to volunteer at the day service again.  One helper has read the entire BIBLE, so we left her a Book of Mormon.  We're going to try to make her a new investigator last week.

Friday was just zone training meeting, but I saw Sister Scheffler and Sister Colter!

Saturday, we found a PI we're going to visit today with the Elders!

Love you all!
The Church is true!
The Book is blue!
Sister Whitney


 A Beautiful Japanese Sunset

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