Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snail Mail Received October 21, 2013

I'm in the car driving back from the zoo, so I don't have your letter with me right now.  I will answer some of your questions from before.

Shower, get ready, eat and go to the church by 8:30 AM.  We have mission coordination meeting (or something like that.) with ward mission leader T.K. and maybe some members of the bishopric.  We talk about our investigators and what help we need from the ward for them. 10:00 is sacrament meeting.  Because there are so many Brazilian members, they do the sacrament prayers in Japanese and Portuguese.  The N. Family is always in the back translating the meeting into Portuguese.   At 11:00 is Sunday School, where they speak in really complicated Japanese about pioneers. 12:00 is Relief Society.  Including the president there's usually three or four women in there with us.  If there's five women, it's a party. :-)   The president also makes sure we have the talks of the manuals in English, so we can actually participate. :-)   We usually stay for a little while at church after talking to members and the like.  Then we go home, have lunch and study the rest of the day since we don't get to in the morning.  When I'm done training and don't have and extra hour of study though, I'll have an hour for dendo on Sundays!

Preparation Days!
Because we have five hours of study nomally, Kaicho has ruled that Monday study is halved.  When we finish study, we clean for an hour, go to email and buy groceries and do various things.  We might go visit a local shrine or something of the like, hike up a mountain.  It's really diffferent every p-day.  Oh, and it ends at 6.  But Zinke Kaicho has said we can move those three hours of dendo time elsewhere in the day.  Night time dendo isn't very effective.

Love you all!
Sister Whitney

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