Saturday, October 12, 2013

Snail Mail Written Monday, September 30, 2013

Konnichi Wa, Mina-san!  Hello everyone!  Sorry I didn't write a letter last week.  I sent the story about my keys in my email this week.  Unfortunately that fiasco took up my intended letter writing time.  But this week, (pause to imagine me as Oprah for a second)......You get a letter, You get a letter, You get a letter!  EVERYONE GETS A LETTER!  And I super love getting all of your letters.  Please enjoy.
The Whitster

By the way, I have included one of our Sunday pamphlets so you can see what Japanese church pamplets look like!

Sister Harris answered some of our questions in her letter.

What is your average day like?
Walker Shimai and I wake up at 6:02 to get some exercise time in.  We alternate betwen running and doing pushups and a workout from my exercise recipe book.  We get ready, eat, and start personal study at 8.  Every other day we have to go to the church (a 15 minute bike ride away) to study, so we have to get ready faster.  The Elders go the other days.  At 9 we do companion study, sharing what we learned during personal and preparing for lessons.   At 11, we do an hour of language study.  At 12, we take lunch.  At one, we do an hour of mogi time Kaicho imposed on the mission -- practice role playing lessons.  Then at 2 (so much study) we begin missionary work.  If we don't have lessons, we usually just go housing, from door to door to door......I really like teaching.  I really like finding people.  I really do not like housing.  It's really hard when people freak out when you even mention religion.

Where do you do your laundry?
We have a washer in our apartment.  There are, unfortunately, no dryers in Japan.

How often does a member of the church provide you with a meal?
We have a member meal every once in a while, maybe once a week.  Our Brazilian, Marianne, makes us dinner once a week, too.  I went to a sushi restaurant!  Raw fish is gross.  But I tried a lot of different things.

Where do you email?
We either email from the church or when we want to email at the same time, at an internet cafe for about $7.

I believe something is going to happen in Japan -- soon. Something that will make them realize that what they have right now is not enough.  And we'll be waiting to show them what they are missing.


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