Friday, July 5, 2013

June 26, 2013 -- It's Missionary Training Center Day!

Today is the day, Sister Harris, entered the MTC! She was able to attend the Provo Temple with her mother and her former EFY counselor and friend, Aubrie. She was so excited to have Aubrie, be part of her special day.
Whitney and Aubrie in front of the Provo Temple
After the temple session we had a fun breakfast and then shed a few tears as we knew it would be a year and a half before we saw each other again.  But Sister Harris, and her family, have faith in what she is doing. We believe strongly in the following:

As we drove into the MTC,  we were greeted by a very, happy gentleman who welcomed us and told us we had two and a half minutes to say our goodbyes.  We knew this was coming and quick goodbyes are easier anyway.  An Elder helped unload Sister Harris's luggage from the back of the car and a Sister Missionary was there to be her guide.  We hugged, said our goodbyes (again), and took this picture of her with an excited smile.  She was nervous, but thrilled, about the adventure ahead.
Off she goes, walking away into the Sister Missionary sunset!  You'll do super, Sister Harris!

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