Friday, July 5, 2013

Letter Number Two, but Really Letter Number One.

This letter was written on Sister Harris's first day at the MTC.  She mailed it through "snail mail" so we received it after her letter below, which was sent through email.


I miss you, but the MTC is pretty awesome.

I got here, got my name tag, got brought to my room.  There's six of us in a room built for four.  Goody. :-) However, I somehow got lucky enough to get a companion who prefers the top bunk and somehow ended up with my own closet. (And I"m still a little short on space!)

Oh, After getting into my room, I went on the computer to this humble video presentation about the gym. The material within wasn't bad, but it paused......every.....couple......of......seconds.....There was literally as much stillness as video.  Quite frustrating.

Then, I got led to the classroom to meet my district and my companion.  Sister Tenney's pretty cool.  She's really good at reading and writing Japanese, but supposedly doesn't speak it very well yet.

We really didn't learn any Japanese today (Well, I didn't.  I guess I know an entire days worth.)

Then we had the "MTC Presidency Welcome." In essence it was, "Yay, you're missionaries! Now, go be missionary-like."

We had dinner at 4:15 in the same room (just pizza, grr. I was trying so hard to be healthy).  Also, since it was early I am starving now.  *Sigh* Rough Life.

Then we went to a "teaching experience." Where we went to 3 different rooms, each set up relatively elaborately with an investigator.  Holy cow, those "investigators" are top notch actors.  We watched missionaries teach them and then after each one, it turned into an open forum where we were teaching them. I even got up once.  One of the main things I learned is.....we are not very good at teaching yet.  Which truly is a comforting thought. However, even though it wasn't real -- it was so EXCITING!

After that, we briefly met our zone leaders and district training sisters (or something) and got released to unpack.  My clothes packing method worked like a charm!  That suitcase was all put away in under a minute.  The rest.....took a bit longer.

I love you all and miss you so much, but I know I'm where the Lord needs me to be, teaching people so that there can be more forever families like ours.  I love you all more than life itself, and the Savior loves you even more.

Whitney (Sister Harris)

* My fear of too few blankets was well founded.  With only one small blanket I was forced to don sweats to avoid freezing.

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