Friday, July 5, 2013

Packing For !8 Months Away From Home

Putting your life in two suitcases for the next 18 months is a challenge! We spent a lot of time gathering things she needed, organizing and then figuring out how to pack them. Whitney watched a great video on youtube on how to pack clothes as a missionary. Each clothing item is kept on a hanger, and then one item at a time is added from each side of the suitcase in a layering pattern. The hangers and tops of the clothing are in the suitcase, while the ends of the clothing hangs outside of the suitcase. The final step is to fold those ends in neatly. When you get to your destination, the ends are unfolded, each item is taken out individually and then hung in a closet. It should take her about ten minutes to unpack her clothing. However, all the additional items she needed, will take quite a while to unpack!

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