Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week Three in the MTC!

Sister Harris explains her week three pictures:

All of the Shimai and Malaska Chourou in yellow.

The BYU crew! Sister Crofts, me, and Elder Wright from 127th YSA ward at BYU (and a random guy he grabbed, because we learned that elders and sisters can't be alone in pictures together).

Sister Crofts, Sister Cox, and Sister Grant were my first Sister Training leaders.  Sister Crofts was also so sweet and optimistic and always smiling.  You couldn't talk to her without feeling better about yourself!  She left for Nagoya, Japan yesterday morning with the rest of the Dai Senpai.

Our newly decked out classroom!
So, for the past 3 weeks, our room has been boring and depressing, bare and depleted.  But, three rooms of dai senpai left on Monday morning.  We took some stuff from their room, called it good, and left for the night on Sunday, but came back Monday morning to find that they had completely decked out our room with DOZENS of pictures, two clocks, a giant map, a Japanese flag, and everything imaginable!  It's INCREDIBLE, and now everyone is jealous!  I'm almost jealous of us!  It's incredible just to be in here.  We were lucky that there were no senpai (the group younger than the dai senpai and older than us) in our room to give everything too. :)

 Me and my package!  I was so excited, it was like Christmas!
This one's not a great picture, but it's got a great story!  When we leave the room to study, we're supposed to write where we are on the board, so I wrote "H + T (for Harris and Tenney) Shimai next door-ish."  We forgot to erase it before class started, and Powell Sensei wrote those Japanese Hiragana characters next to it saying, "I want to hear an explanation."  We were so confused about why he would want an explanation of that!  We told him at the end of class, and he blushed bright red!  He thought it said HoT Shimai next door, and was concerned for our class.  The classes next door had been empty, so he had no idea what hot shimai the district had supposedly been pointing out, that is NOT a missionary mindset, and was immensely relieved that wasn't an issue after all.  Everyone in the class was laughing hysterically, and our new District Leader, Budge Chourou, turned bright pink from laughing and could hardly even breathe.

That's all of the pictures for now!  I'll write later!

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